An introduction:

The last couple of months have been hectic. I've taken the LSAT twice (more on this later), sent out law school applications, and researched long and hard the schools I have been accepted to. It has been a long, stressful process and it's only going to get harder here on out.
The idea of law school was one I did not take lightly. I already have three degrees: two BAs and a MS. My Master's thesis emphasized law so in some ways law school seems like a natural extension of my master's work. But let's face it, who wants to still be in school in their late twenties? Over the last nine months I have interviewed several attorneys, law students, and discussed in depth law as a field. I've also spent a considerable amount of time reflecting on whether this would be a good decision for me. What I have realized is that I have a lot to share regarding this journey. In the next couple of weeks I intend to post on my LSAT experience, my application process, the waiting game, and the various things I am doing to prepare for an unpredictable first year. If only one other person reads this blog and finds it helpful I will be happy.


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