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I was talking to one of my favorite people yesterday and she asked me if I was still sure about my decision to go to law school. It was weird since I was just thinking about this myself. I still stand behind my decision, however I'm at the point in the semester where I'm questioning my stamina. I know that I want to be a lawyer. I know that the skill set lawyers use is one that appeals to me. What I question is the drive to get there, to get beyond these next three years.

I'll be honest, I'm not exactly loving the material here. I struggle to stay awake in property and just struggle in general in anything civ pro related. So I guess the material is just bringing me down.

Hopefully learning about externships next week will be that invigorating pulse I need to jump start my battery before finals...

Omg Meme

I participated in this meme over at butterflyfish's place and so now the meme is here.

Leave a comment on this post, (any ole comment will do), and I will comment back the following:

a) Tell you why I [first read your blog]
b) Associate you with something -- a song, color, photo, etc.
c) Tell you something I like about you.
d) Tell you a memory I have of you [hint, it will probably be from a blog post].
e) Ask you something I've wanted to know about you.
f) Tell you my favorite userpic from your list [N/A]
g) In return, you need to post this on your own [blog].

So, comment if you want in, and I'll finish my responses by Sunday. So for those procrastinators out there like me you have awhile to comment!

By the way, I'd like to hear from any lurkers out there! I know you're out there!

As for butterflyfish's question: "What has been the biggest surprise so far?"

I would have to say the biggest surprise for me is the workload. I never feel caught up and I feel guilty when I'm not studying. You guys were serious about the amount of studying! My classmates' maturity level falls closely behind.

The new quiz is here and the story behind the revamped U.S. naturalization test can be found here. Any thoughts?

Oddly enough I received a perfect score. I'll add that to my perfect 80's movie quiz scores from Facebook! Golly, I'm smart. I should admit that if I took this test orally I would have lost. I think half the ease for me was recognizing the answers from the list. So maybe I'm not so smart...

via Equal Justice Works Blog

You know your life is crap when babies eat better than you.

I'm just waiting for Anthony Bourdain to admit that his daughter exited the womb with a cigarette dangling from her lips. How that man still has taste buds is beyond me.

What Five Things do you do to Stay Sane?

  1. Veg, as in not think, for at least an hour a day. After lectures and briefing my mind needs a break! My dogs usually assist with this daily task.
  2. Read a good book or magazine every once in awhile. I am still desperately trying to work this into my schedule...I usually end up feeling guilty though.
  3. Sleeping in until 8am, or just sleep in general.
  4. Cuddling up with a pot of tea and a blanket on a snowy or rainy dreary day. I love the peacefulness of snow. It has a wonderful calming effect on me.
  5. J's hugs. They are practically perfect in every possible way.

You? Come on! It's an easy gimme blog post!

Hat tip to Marginal Revolution

This post is just to notify you that I am neither of the above. In fact, I most likely have been labeled a law nerdette by the above as they avoid my very existence. I find this fascinating since it is obvious that they work to ignore my presence and they are absolutely stupid in thinking they can avoid people they deem unworthy for three years. Someone should tell them that their behavior now will only follow them into the future. I just can't wait until the day they acknowledge me in some fashion because it will be the day I sarcastically respond by introducing myself and pointing out that "you know, I don't think I've EVER seen you before!" HELLS TO THE NOS I AIN'T OFFERING ANY ASSISTANCE? WHAT? YOU NEED A PARTNER? YOU NEED NOTES? YOU WOULD LIKE CLARIFICATION ON A POINT? Go eff yourself after looking up decency and kindness.

Prior to law school I really wanted to believe that law school was not "high school with booze." However, over half way through my first semester I cannot think of a better way to explain it. The immaturity runs rampant here...and it just fascinates me.

Oh how I wish I was a sociology grad student!

So I had two midterms last week: property and torts. They were both ungraded and just for us to get a sense of what an exam looks like. I have another one this week in Civil Procedure, but it's more of a review session and not an exam. They went well for the most part. My only concern was that I didn't utilize the tort elements well enough. For example, making sure I discuss intent for each intentional tort. I swear there were at least twenty potential causes of action and we had two hours to play with.

So, in your opinion is it more important to get through as many potential causes of action as possible? Or should I take the time to (somewhat) thoroughly discuss each cause of action I see it and not worry that I may not get to each issue I find?

This is where I realize that reading Getting to Maybe would be of great help!

Remember how I said I was going to try taking baby steps towards more blawg? Well, welcome to my new installment! I'm going to try to pull pieces from the blawg-o-sphere and post them here. Then we can chat via comments!

I've been really busy lately which means I've been behind on my Reader. Consequently, this first Reader installment will be a long one...

Canadian Judge Tells Woman Not to Call the Police if Battered Again WTF? Seriously? WOW!

TIME magazine, "Women Who Don't Support Palin are Just Jealous Little Girls" The idea that women don't like Palin because they're jealous little girls is just absurd. I'm a woman. I think for myself. I worked hard to graduate college and I spend time formulating my opinions. To say that women don't like Palin because they're jealous continues to stereotype women as lacking the ability to formulate their own opinions.

Why Cosmo Magazine is Fabulous I laughed so hard over this one! "It's like The Onion for feminists." So true!

Law Against Sagging Pants Ruled Unconstitutional My classmates should be happy. For some strange reason I was under the impression that the women in my class would refrain from thong showing. Oh how wrong I've been! Do not have expectations for your classmates in terms of professional dress! It does no good!

Supreme Court will not hear Troy Davis' Case Sad, disappointing, and frustrating...

Law School and GPA not indicative of long term success HOORAY! Quick and easy piece to boost your self-esteem as we near finals!

20 Top Crime Stories There are some good ones. I'm interested in which one you found most interesting. I'm leaning toward gorillas...

I promise you that it's lovely!

(Hat tip to Feminste)

I read an article awhile ago about where all the female law bloggers are and I had to laugh to myself. Of the bloggers I personally know the majority are women. Most of the law student blogs I link to are also women, so we are out there. While a law student blog is not the same as a law blog I like to think that it still counts as a law blog. I try to use blogging to record my adventures, frustrations, questions and concerns as a female learning law. While my substance may not be legally inclined I do feel like it counts for something. I know that one of my personal goals is to blawg more as it helps me define my thoughts in various areas. Now if I only had more time to devote to this goal!

Professor Mary Dudziak over at Legal History Blog also wrote on the subject. She lists some great tips for bloggers in general and encourages us all to use linking in a networking like fashion. It helps us support each other as bloggers and hopefully brings us new blogs to read. I know my taste in blog reading is always changing and I know that I've been appreciative of blogs linking to me.

And of course Feminist Law Professors also addressed the piece with a list of Female Voices in the Legal Blogosphere.

I'm slowly realizing, as I thought I would, that it does mean something to be a woman in law school and eventually in law. After learning from the ABA that in 2007 female lawyers made up only 30.1% of total lawyers I feel compelled to take some baby steps and really start trying to assert myself and report more on women and legal issues on this blog. After all, it is called a WOMAN in law school.

Just do me a favor and let me know when I need to lighten up a bit!

I promise you a juicy midterm post next week! I piggity promise!

Until then know that I:

  • studying for midterms requires discipline;
  • it's hard to have discipline when midterms are open notes;
  • it's also hard to focus knowing that your midterm will not be graded.
Then there is crack like this that draws me in and has me searching for more. However, the Bambi reference disturbed me...

I guess I better work on my are yours coming along?

We recently got back our memos, which means that I have an inkling of where I stand in my legal research and writing class. I'm not going to discuss my grade with you but I will discuss how odd it was to wait for the paper to be returned. My classmates were practically in tears waiting for their papers. Our professor actually brought tissue and for the third time, he went over the dreaded law school curve, how legal writing is a learning process, how we aren't going to be in the top of our class anymore, etc. I couldn't believe this! Really?

There was so much stress in the room I couldn't take it. I'm one of those people who inadvertently takes on other people's stress and just sitting there was making me ill. The one thing I was happy about was that I was ok about getting a bad grade. Law school is a learning process and I was prepared to maturely accept my grade. And I did just that.

Grades can be a very humbling experience. I just wish my fellow classmates would realize this rather than getting upset. Oh! But we did have that one person who gloated about their grade!

And yesterday, this same person "worked" on her paper before class, so her paper just sat there for the whole world to see. Really? I felt like asking her if she was planning on announcing her other grades as well. In some ways I'm surprised by her ego, however in other ways I'm really not surprised. In many ways I think she is our class gunner, as best defined by the urban dictionary of course!

Dear S,

I promised you some serious stuff when it comes to dating. I also promised you that I would refrain from ever suggesting a guy for you again, but we both know that ain't gonna happen.

So I give you a lovely guide to online dating for lawyers!

And once you're done you can set up your online profile over here!



I "follow" several blogs around the blogosphere to help me stay sane and somewhat cultured. Yes, cultured, because a blog can open your eyes to many things. One of the blogs I enjoy is Law and Letters. Not only does Belle keep me up to date on her dissertation, sociological issues, new food recipes and 90's references, she also posts poetry on Sundays. Well, she used to but I don't think she does anymore. So while my poet does not compare to the likes of William Carlos Williams it does provide either deep thoughts or belly laughs, depending on how you view her work.

So, ladies and gentlement I bring you: The Poetry of Sarah Palin


This represents my feelings when my school schedules student involvement meetings, special lectures, and networking opportunities during my breaks. For once I'd like to be able to study or review for class during these times.

Yes, I know it's a little late but I thought I would admit that I'm not shocked that Sarah Palin could not list any additional Supreme Court cases other than Roe v. Wade. When I first heard this I asked myself if I could list any, that is prior to law school, and yep, I could. I could list about six by name/issue. I thought that was pretty good considering a basic college background, however I thought it was somewhat disappointing for a politician. Would she have done better in listing Alaskan Supreme Court issues? I think not.

What I've since found interesting is the comments on the Volokh Conspiracy's Palin on the Supreme Court post. I recommend reading through some of them as they are entertaining and enlightening.

Above the Law also has an interesting comment thread regarding what specific number a VP candidate should be able to throw out in conversation.

As a side note, eventhough I'm not particularly fond of Palin I will say that the overt sexism surrounding her troubles me as a feminist. I found myself cringing at the "I'd bag her" commentary throughout these threads.

First Monday is the opening day for the Supreme Court. This means that as a new law student I should probably try to follow what goes on during session. Notice I said probably...

I'll admit that I rely on NPR Morning Edition for my news. I don't have time to scan a paper and Renee Montagne and Steve Inskeep provide me just enough to get by. This morning they had a brief summary of what is before the court this term. They mentioned a sexual harassment case and I'm interested in looking at the issue before the court.

If you're looking for more than a news snipit I would try the SCOTUS blog for all things Supreme Court. It's at least one blog you could justify reading while trying to stay awake in class...

In a previous post I admitted my odd feelings about wanting other classmates to do poorly. Since I received an anonymous comment telling me to practice being a member of the human race I thought I would clarify my feelings. As to practicing being a member of the human race all I can do is continue to reflect on what it means to be human and how I would like to contribute to society. (I'm sure those of you who actually know me are laughing at the thought that I lack compassion.)

There is something to be said about having on average three boozing opportunities a week at my law school. What that something is time will tell. The line has been drawn between those classmates who like to party and those who have yet to make it to a social function. I wonder how these more social classmates are able to keep up in their coursework and socialize. I barely have time to clean my house and have to force myself to take time out to cook a decent meal. So yes, I admitted that I feel strange in wanting some of my classmates to do poorly but I don't think it makes me less of a human being, nor a bitch for admitting a thought that has probably gone through several law students' minds. I'm not the first. When there is curve there is an odd feeling of comfort knowing who is not studying, not coming to class having read the material, or not coming to class at all. I'll say it again--it's an ODD feeling and is one that I don't necessarily want or welcome.

Think about it. If you're going out on the weekends to get drunk as several of my classmates do you are losing prime study time. I'm not going to be sympathetic towards these individuals come finals. I'm not saying that you can't socialize, I'm just questioning how much effort is being put into studying if you're focused on where you're drinking tonight. And it's not that I don't socialize, I'm just finding that I have to plan to do it very wisely, which sucks.

If pointing out that choosing to regularly booze over studying makes me a bitch then so be it. It just seems like a poor choice to me. It also seems obvious that those who make this choice will possibly regret it come finals.

As I attempt to continue to hold my place in the bloggosphere I would like to know your blogging tips. I am mainly interested in figuring out how some of you find the search terms that people use to get to your blog AND how you know what areas of the country people are reading your blog. Any additional blog maintenance tips would be helpful as well.

I'm not one to really follow my traffic but I am curious about what brings readers here.

Ok! I'm off for a fun filled day of property and torts! Now if I only possessed a tort to devour in the process...


Can there be such a thing as having too many social invitations during law school?

For some reason there is never a shortage of boozing opportunities at my law school (three just this weekend), of which I have conflicting thoughts:

  • If I go I'm losing out on prime study time, not to mention falling behind and not getting to all the other things my school reminds me I should be doing like outlining, reviewing, hypotheticals, etc.
  • If I don't go I run the risk of labeling myself anti-social and lose out on getting to know my classmates outside of class.
  • I want others to go so that they fall into my first bullet point. Since there is a curve I want to feel confident that there are people who will do poorly.* Whoever said law school isn't competitive can kiss my arse. I feel strange admitting this.
  • I fear that my school sees networking and boozing as the same thing.
  • I'm overwhelmed with having to choose between events that fall during the same time.
  • I'm already exhausted and have no clue how others are able to juggle the studying AND the socializing.
  • Again, see bullet point three.

*I wanted to use the word fail, however that would just make me sound like a complete selfish bitch and I like to pretend those words aren't true when it comes to the awesomeness I exude.

I took this from J.D. Maybe

  1. I don't wear printed clothing or pieces that have their label embazzed on the front.
  2. I don't drink cola and it's not due to any religious belief.
  3. I talk to my dogs as if they are people and pretend they talk back.
  4. I have had four ex-boyfriends who have had long hair.
  5. I don't like sandwiches of any kind.
  6. I sleep with a sleeping mask on.
  7. I don't like roller coasters but ride them anyway.
  8. I blog because I have a fear of writing and want to be a better writer.
  9. I have been famous for my facial expressions, oftentimes they get me into trouble.
  10. I have visited a number of countries but never another continent, they've only been islands.

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