Can there be such a thing as having too many social invitations during law school?

For some reason there is never a shortage of boozing opportunities at my law school (three just this weekend), of which I have conflicting thoughts:

  • If I go I'm losing out on prime study time, not to mention falling behind and not getting to all the other things my school reminds me I should be doing like outlining, reviewing, hypotheticals, etc.
  • If I don't go I run the risk of labeling myself anti-social and lose out on getting to know my classmates outside of class.
  • I want others to go so that they fall into my first bullet point. Since there is a curve I want to feel confident that there are people who will do poorly.* Whoever said law school isn't competitive can kiss my arse. I feel strange admitting this.
  • I fear that my school sees networking and boozing as the same thing.
  • I'm overwhelmed with having to choose between events that fall during the same time.
  • I'm already exhausted and have no clue how others are able to juggle the studying AND the socializing.
  • Again, see bullet point three.

*I wanted to use the word fail, however that would just make me sound like a complete selfish bitch and I like to pretend those words aren't true when it comes to the awesomeness I exude.


  1. Strange Bird said...
    Well, you don't need to see them fail; it's probably good enough to see them get B-. I didn't want anyone to fail out, just for myself to do better. ;)

    Networking and boozing ARE the same thing. The only thing that matters is who you are boozing with. Your fellow students? You don't need to do that three times in one weekend. Once will do. Practicing lawyers? GO. Classes don't matter. Contacts matter.
    Anonymous said...
    It's funny you mention these points, I've thought the same [also a 1L] and your post reminded me of some advice a friend of mine gave me [see bullet #5:] I personally have already gone crazy trying to analyze the law school curve and I'm slowly learning that social outtings are a key feature of remaining sane.

    good luck!
    Kel said...
    I really don't want to see them fail. Honestly.

    But there is something about not knowing where I stand the first semester that makes me want to see them go out...maybe this clarifies my thought a bit better.

    How should I network at these events when the attorneys are also drinking? Will they even take note of who I am?
    Anonymous said...
    You're really a great classmate -wanting to see others fail so you can appear to better than you are...Maybe practice pretending to be a member of the human race should be your task for the weekend or have you already turned to into a lawyer-b*tch wanna be.
    Kel said...
    I appreciate your honesty anonymous. Anonymous comments are always welcome as they only encourage more blogging.

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