I took this from J.D. Maybe

  1. I don't wear printed clothing or pieces that have their label embazzed on the front.
  2. I don't drink cola and it's not due to any religious belief.
  3. I talk to my dogs as if they are people and pretend they talk back.
  4. I have had four ex-boyfriends who have had long hair.
  5. I don't like sandwiches of any kind.
  6. I sleep with a sleeping mask on.
  7. I don't like roller coasters but ride them anyway.
  8. I blog because I have a fear of writing and want to be a better writer.
  9. I have been famous for my facial expressions, oftentimes they get me into trouble.
  10. I have visited a number of countries but never another continent, they've only been islands.

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  1. Rebecca said...
    Wow! We have some similar weirdness between us. I.e. making faces. I get in SOOO much trouble for my faces. I don't drink cola and I write in this blog to become a better writter also!! :)

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