Tips Requested

As I attempt to continue to hold my place in the bloggosphere I would like to know your blogging tips. I am mainly interested in figuring out how some of you find the search terms that people use to get to your blog AND how you know what areas of the country people are reading your blog. Any additional blog maintenance tips would be helpful as well.

I'm not one to really follow my traffic but I am curious about what brings readers here.

Ok! I'm off for a fun filled day of property and torts! Now if I only possessed a tort to devour in the process...


  1. postscript said...
    google analytics.

    It tells ou where people come from and what links they follow and, of course, the search terms.
    Tokyo Kiss said...

    Shows links the visitors came from, IP addresses, search terms, how many new vs. return visitors, visitor location, etc. Much more but I'm not smart enough with computers to figure out what the rest of it means.
    Amanda said...
    I use google analytics too. I am NOT good with computers (past the email/facebook level anyway) and it was a cinch for me to do it. You just copy the code onto your page and then you can log in and it'll show you where in the world people are coming to your site, who your biggest referring sites are, and what crazy search terms people find your blog by.

    I highly recommend it!
    Fox said...
    statcounter or google are the ultimate go-to's.

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