I hate midterms

I promise you a juicy midterm post next week! I piggity promise!

Until then know that I:

  • studying for midterms requires discipline;
  • it's hard to have discipline when midterms are open notes;
  • it's also hard to focus knowing that your midterm will not be graded.
Then there is crack like this that draws me in and has me searching for more. However, the Bambi reference disturbed me...

I guess I better work on my outlines...how are yours coming along?

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  1. Anonymous said...
    my school doesn't have midterms, only finals, that are also open note and everyone around me is scrambling to start outlining. so being a newbie [1L], i get my cues from what's going on around me--after about two.five weeks of outlining, i can officially say it's a pain in the ass.

    good luck!

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