I need a change. For all you readers out there I'M MOVING!



I hope all of you will continue to follow me over there. I like wordpress' layout better and hopefully, I won't lose my blog roll lists so easily.

There are other reasons why I need the change as you'll soon read.



We were told grades would be posted this week, but so far nothing.

I'm really nervous. I tried so much harder last semester and I really want to know that hard work pays off.

I've been dreading this moment since I was told grades would be up this week. Last semester we weren't given any warning so knowing the moment is coming is killing me.

(deer in headlights pose)

That was a horrible mess...

It's now thankfully out of my hands. Who knew that little Blue Book could be so evil? Whatever happens I'm glad I stuck the write on competition through because I can already say that I learned so much just from trying.

Tomorrow I start with the Judge!

Yes, I've been tagged once again and because I like to be a good sport I'll participate in it.
So, I'm supposed to tell you ten things that you don't know that are true. It's not as simple as you may think.
1) Yesterday was my dog's birthday. I forgot it but was reminded by a friend who texted me. I felt like crap.
2) I recently won a scholarship, however I was the only one who applied for it so I don't feel like I really won it.
3) I sleep on the right side of the bed.
4) I'm probably taller than you.
5) J's addiction to baseball drives me nuts sometimes.
6) I start working for a judge on Monday.
7) I miss reading books for pleasure.
8) My other dog and I recently got into an argument over whether eating garbage is a reasonable hobby to have.
9) I'm oddly addicted to watching "I'm A Celebrity! Get Me Out of Here!"
10) We have a very nice TV which never gets used. However, there is another crappy tv in front of the nice tv that we use everyday because the reception is better.
There! Done!
I think I'll pass on the tagging though.
Thanks to The Lovin Spoonful for the tag!

Technically, I shouldn't be talking about my law review competition. However, as I don't care and half my class already mentions it on Facebook I feel like I can blog about it.

I hate it.

I've procrastinated, which means I'll be stuck to a chair with Leechblock ensuring my ass isn't on internets.

It is the most boooorrriinnnnggg topic EVER! And yet, I have somewhat mastered it in procrastinator's time.

So when you're out drinking beer and relaxing this weekend think of me, stuck to a chair, looking psychotic and twitching over my Bluebook.

You may follow me under Kel Law or username: Kelsmishaps. I'm new to twitter so any recommendations as to who to follow? Any other bloggers out there that tweet?


Lawful Lady tagged me and I'm just getting around to it.

Best Memory of my first year of Law School:

Wow, I suck because I really can't think of many great memories. I was really excited to get my grades back after the first semester because it made me realize that I was capable of passing. I was also very happy to know that I'm not a horrible writer. Writing has always been a weakness/phobia of mine.

Worst Memory of my first year of Law School:

The day I let my opinion run rampant and lost a good friend. Here's the thing, law school is a horrible place to really let your opinion and/or concern be known.

My first semester I made several good friends and tried to balance studying and friendships. After receiving my grades I knew I could do a much better job and vowed to really try second semester to improve my grades. In my attempt to study smarter I realized that some of my friends didn't like the fact that I was spending more time focusing in class, rather than on facebook or goofing off. These friends started talking poorly about me and expressed "concern" about my "behavior." In defense, I suggested that they too could probably benefit from taking classes a little more seriously, and then shit flew everywhere.

So here is what I learned about law school:

  • classmates coming straight from undergrad still have a lot to learn in terms of their communication style, and from life in general.
  • in addition, classmates coming straight from undergrad also have a lot to learn in terms of what "professionalism" really means. Law school is a professional school; what you say and do now I'll remember. So, while it's difficult to keep your mouth shut and hold your head high it might just help you become a more professional person in the long run. Yes, I said things I shouldn't have; yes, I apologized, however, continuing to bad mouth someone is just stupid. I'd rather be remembered as a hard worker than as someone who just wants to gossip.
  • thus, I've come to believe that insecurity causes law school drama-----stay far away!!
  • So far I have not met the best friends of my life here, and I feel much like New Kid who has a great post summing up similar thoughts.
  • Always ALWAYS remember that you're in law school to get a job. Start working on your professional skills now. This includes learning how to listen, practicing patience, and building a strong work ethic. Yes, I want a summer vacation, however I also want as much experience as possible to help me become a better future employee.

Wow, that makes me sound extremely bitchy, gunner-like, and nerdy. Being slightly older than the typical law student has really left me a bitchy person when it comes to discussing law school. I'll admit it, I hate the drama of law school, however I'm beginning to realize that I enjoy the work that I'm doing.

So, in some ways my worst memory has really turned out to be a good thing for me. It really helped me re-focus on why I am in law school, that studying is important, and that my classmates aren't the kind of people I want to truly be myself with.


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