Yes, I've been tagged once again and because I like to be a good sport I'll participate in it.
So, I'm supposed to tell you ten things that you don't know that are true. It's not as simple as you may think.
1) Yesterday was my dog's birthday. I forgot it but was reminded by a friend who texted me. I felt like crap.
2) I recently won a scholarship, however I was the only one who applied for it so I don't feel like I really won it.
3) I sleep on the right side of the bed.
4) I'm probably taller than you.
5) J's addiction to baseball drives me nuts sometimes.
6) I start working for a judge on Monday.
7) I miss reading books for pleasure.
8) My other dog and I recently got into an argument over whether eating garbage is a reasonable hobby to have.
9) I'm oddly addicted to watching "I'm A Celebrity! Get Me Out of Here!"
10) We have a very nice TV which never gets used. However, there is another crappy tv in front of the nice tv that we use everyday because the reception is better.
There! Done!
I think I'll pass on the tagging though.
Thanks to The Lovin Spoonful for the tag!


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