Technically, I shouldn't be talking about my law review competition. However, as I don't care and half my class already mentions it on Facebook I feel like I can blog about it.

I hate it.

I've procrastinated, which means I'll be stuck to a chair with Leechblock ensuring my ass isn't on internets.

It is the most boooorrriinnnnggg topic EVER! And yet, I have somewhat mastered it in procrastinator's time.

So when you're out drinking beer and relaxing this weekend think of me, stuck to a chair, looking psychotic and twitching over my Bluebook.


  1. Molly said...
    Oh wow, that sounds terrible! Good luck.
    Molly said...
    I think I've already commented, but I wanted to add that I tagged you for an award on my blog. I've been reading your blog for a little while, sorry to be a bit of a creeper! I start law school in the fall so I've been reading blogs to gather more of a perspective on the experience.
    K said...
    Thanks Molly!

    I read blogs for the same reason you're reading them. I credit blogs for helping me adjust to law school life.
    Legal Leapster said...
    I definitely know what it's like to procrastinate when something is boring. Heck, I procrastinate when things are interesting sometimes too - lol. I'm currently trying to get myself in gear to finish (ok, start) my first legal memo - it's the one grade I have in Legal Writing for my trial admit program to law school- so I'm somewhat wigging out about it. Thanks for mentioning Leechblock. I googled it and will be adding it to my browser ASAP! :) I need all the focus I can get!

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