This post is just to notify you that I am neither of the above. In fact, I most likely have been labeled a law nerdette by the above as they avoid my very existence. I find this fascinating since it is obvious that they work to ignore my presence and they are absolutely stupid in thinking they can avoid people they deem unworthy for three years. Someone should tell them that their behavior now will only follow them into the future. I just can't wait until the day they acknowledge me in some fashion because it will be the day I sarcastically respond by introducing myself and pointing out that "you know, I don't think I've EVER seen you before!" HELLS TO THE NOS I AIN'T OFFERING ANY ASSISTANCE? WHAT? YOU NEED A PARTNER? YOU NEED NOTES? YOU WOULD LIKE CLARIFICATION ON A POINT? Go eff yourself after looking up decency and kindness.

Prior to law school I really wanted to believe that law school was not "high school with booze." However, over half way through my first semester I cannot think of a better way to explain it. The immaturity runs rampant here...and it just fascinates me.

Oh how I wish I was a sociology grad student!


  1. Rebecca said...
    nonono hunny...This is what I say to myself...all day long "BITCH in real life I am WAY cooler than you!" cuz its true these people are clearly insecure and thats why they act like that. I was a sociology undergrad for while so u should know this too...those you hate now will inevitably be your closest friends one day...Thats just how it works. And dont forget we have our own study group and we have endless booze and cookies too!
    Useless Dicta said...
    High school with booze.....I SOOOO wish I would have thought of that to characterize my 1L year!! Hang in there, 2nd and 3rd year have proven to be MUCH better, I have found some really awesome law school friends (who I intend to keep in touch with after graduation) and we've had plenty of beer to go around without any of the drama. But I totally feel your pain, I shudder every time I think about first year, it was simply awful.
    Pickled. said...
    Thank you for declaring yourself independent!

    You will happily find yourself at a lunch table all your own with people just like you.

    We're not all Dbags and MG.
    Lawful Lady said...
    i was in the college of social sciences for grad school and it was no better sadly. i've found the same to be true of the working world. just so long as you've met people you can relate to, eff everyone else. :) and i'd totally hang out with you if you went to my school.
    Anonymous said...
    I am 31 yr and 1L. This is a change of career and I so understand what you wrote above. The thing is that these people are short-sighted. I won't say that they'll become your best friends tomorrow since I wouldn't want bitches and douchebags become my friends. But the day you'll appear useful to you then they'll come smiling to you. You wouldn't even have to wait until post graduation: that mya happen anytime, even during your 1st time. That day, feel free to tell them whatever you wanna say cause trust me they'll only be sucking it up to you until you become useless again to them. Once you know the rules of the game, you also understand that the only way to have them choke is to make all their fears come true: be better than them. Humanity, kindness, professionnalism, ethics, self-respect...: be all of it and on the same time, just do better than them in classes.

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