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Remember how I said I was going to try taking baby steps towards more blawg? Well, welcome to my new installment! I'm going to try to pull pieces from the blawg-o-sphere and post them here. Then we can chat via comments!

I've been really busy lately which means I've been behind on my Reader. Consequently, this first Reader installment will be a long one...

Canadian Judge Tells Woman Not to Call the Police if Battered Again WTF? Seriously? WOW!

TIME magazine, "Women Who Don't Support Palin are Just Jealous Little Girls" The idea that women don't like Palin because they're jealous little girls is just absurd. I'm a woman. I think for myself. I worked hard to graduate college and I spend time formulating my opinions. To say that women don't like Palin because they're jealous continues to stereotype women as lacking the ability to formulate their own opinions.

Why Cosmo Magazine is Fabulous I laughed so hard over this one! "It's like The Onion for feminists." So true!

Law Against Sagging Pants Ruled Unconstitutional My classmates should be happy. For some strange reason I was under the impression that the women in my class would refrain from thong showing. Oh how wrong I've been! Do not have expectations for your classmates in terms of professional dress! It does no good!

Supreme Court will not hear Troy Davis' Case Sad, disappointing, and frustrating...

Law School and GPA not indicative of long term success HOORAY! Quick and easy piece to boost your self-esteem as we near finals!

20 Top Crime Stories There are some good ones. I'm interested in which one you found most interesting. I'm leaning toward gorillas...


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