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I read an article awhile ago about where all the female law bloggers are and I had to laugh to myself. Of the bloggers I personally know the majority are women. Most of the law student blogs I link to are also women, so we are out there. While a law student blog is not the same as a law blog I like to think that it still counts as a law blog. I try to use blogging to record my adventures, frustrations, questions and concerns as a female learning law. While my substance may not be legally inclined I do feel like it counts for something. I know that one of my personal goals is to blawg more as it helps me define my thoughts in various areas. Now if I only had more time to devote to this goal!

Professor Mary Dudziak over at Legal History Blog also wrote on the subject. She lists some great tips for bloggers in general and encourages us all to use linking in a networking like fashion. It helps us support each other as bloggers and hopefully brings us new blogs to read. I know my taste in blog reading is always changing and I know that I've been appreciative of blogs linking to me.

And of course Feminist Law Professors also addressed the piece with a list of Female Voices in the Legal Blogosphere.

I'm slowly realizing, as I thought I would, that it does mean something to be a woman in law school and eventually in law. After learning from the ABA that in 2007 female lawyers made up only 30.1% of total lawyers I feel compelled to take some baby steps and really start trying to assert myself and report more on women and legal issues on this blog. After all, it is called a WOMAN in law school.

Just do me a favor and let me know when I need to lighten up a bit!


  1. Amanda said...
    GREAT post!! I've been thinking about this a lot lately as well. I'm reading a book right now (well, in all that "free time" we have as 1Ls!) called "Pearls, Politics, and Power". It's mostly geared toward women in politics, but it's also about women and leadership in general.

    Keep it up! ;)
    Kel said...

    I'll have to look that book up. I've got on feminist jurisprudence that I've been wanting to get to...maybe during winter break!
    KG said...
    I think this will probably be an appropriate time to say thanks mucho for this blog. I've been a lurker for a few months now. Since I plan to go to law school in the near future and being a woman your blog is def an encouragement so thanks again! =)

    Following up on Amanda's suggestion about books. I spotted one called It Takes A Candidate. From the title it's obviously about women not running for office and such. Haven't read it yet but will get to it eventually and let you know.

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