I've been Tagged!

Lawful Lady tagged me! But as my Tuesdays really are torturous, I'm glad to have take this blogging break.

Here are the instructions:
I list 5 non-law blogs that I like and think you should check out. Then, I list five law blogs with which you should also check out.

1. Feministing: As a woman I like to keep up on womanly things. As a feminist I like to see who's trying to screw me over as a woman. This site keeps me abreast of both and has plenty of humor scattered between the comments and the posts.

2. Prettier than Napoleon: I like her. I like that she survived law school, knits and cooks. She also reads and reading is very sexy.

3. Go Fug Yourself: No explanation is needed. However if you need one, IMNobody does an excellent job explaining this gem of a blog.

4. Marginal Revolution: It's where I go for market news. I'm a total nerd. And J is always talking about something he read there and what my thoughts are so I've got to keep up on it. I learn interesting things there.

5. Tequila Red: A blog that is no more. I loved this blog! She is hilarious!

Now for the tagging: And since I hate choosing people I tag the last five people who commented on this blog.

1. Fox Law: A place for sarcasm and tunes.
2. J.D. Maybe: A woman who always has an interesting story.
3. Politely Obscene: A new blog for me to read! Yeah! I'm pickled!
4. A (Non) Token Minority Law Student: Another woman with quirky tales about law school.
5. Law Ingenue: I love her tips!

and extra bonus tag!
6: Taking the law into my own hands: I'm just curious as to what he reads!

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  1. Kyle Hulten said...
    Thanks for the link! I'll make my post tomorrow:)

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