So Glad you Asked!

My weekend?

  • Paid bills, did laundry, remembered to put soap in with laundry this time, cooked food.
  • Bathed itchy dog, entered organic warfare with bugs of all kinds.
  • Went to see a movie that I will not name because you would seriously lose any respect you have for me.
  • Got locked out of the house due to shitty door knob and had to bust in using a credit card.
  • Got new door locks.
  • Went to bar to watch sports with J. Didn't watch sports but read torts! Yes, I'm cheating on J with my torts book at a bar...I know...I'm lame.
  • Studied all day Monday.
  • Now caught up for the week!


  1. Attractive Nuisance said...
    Was it the House Bunny? If so, don't feel bad - my legal writing prof admitted that she went :-)
    Kel said...
    Nope. I will readily admit my desire to see that movie.
    Attractive Nuisance said...
    I know. Now you have me curious . . .
    Kel said...
    Star Wars: The Clone Wars

    I love me some Yoda!
    Attractive Nuisance said...
    That's not so bad. Hardly embarassing at all :-)

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