I am curious about what you find annoying during class.

Here are a few annoyances of mine:

  • LEG SHAKERS! Please stop! The noise and sight distract me.
  • Texting, can't you wait an hour and a half?
  • Watching your YouTube playlist. As mentioned previously I am totally sick of watching UFC clips during Torts!
  • Asking questions to the professor as if no one else is in the room! SPEAK UP! USE OFFICE HOURS! The world does not revolve around you!
  • Eating foods with noisy wrappers AND eating with your mouth open.
So, how 'bout you?


  1. Ms.Hart said...
    I officially earned "bitch status" last week when I overheard some students complaining about how behind we were and I said, " Well maybe if you would quit asking so many qs we could get through this." This was followed by an uncomfortable silence. I just can't bite my tongue when I am THAT annoyed. AND I hate the girl next to me for bathing in her perfume, I literally gag. The two super duper arrogant guys behind me are gonna get my foot up their ass and thats all.... :) You have to just laugh..thats the only way to cope.
    Anonymous said...
    agreed! one of my pet peeves is people constantly coming and going in the classroom 10 minutes after class starts or before it ends. can't you wait a few more minutes?!?
    Kel said...
    Oh I do my fair share of laughing! Trust me! That and sarcasm are what's getting me through these days.
    Tokyo Kiss said...
    I don't have any of those problems except for the texting. These two geniuses on either side of me in crim law talk to each other over g-mail and the girl plays with her iPhone. I made an extensive list on my blog if you want to compare notes.
    Strange Bird said...
    Oh no! I'm a terrible leg-shaker. I just cannot sit physically still and also pay attention.

    I find that the worst is when people talk in class while the professor is lecturing. It didn't happen, that I remember, first year, because people were too terrified, but second year? Wow, I can't believe how rude people are once the fear subsides!
    Anonymous said...
    Um, how about people who beat the hell out of their laptops as they type? I swear they must have learned to type on manual typewriters or something.

    That, and people who lean over and answer the professor's questions to other people in a whisper to you. Oh. My. God. Shut. The. Hell. UP.


    Wow, I feel better!
    Anonymous said...
    We have a girl who sneezes remarkably LOUD in class. Like earth shaking. Like every class.

    We also have obnoxious hypo guy.

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