Tuesday Torture

Tuesdays are my hell days. I have three classes with no significant breaks in between. Add to this the fact that I'm up before dawn so that I can get to class on time. And I'm usually not on time because my bus route has been running behind lately.

So I thought I'd tell you a torturous moment that happened last week. There is a girl in my class who drives me up the wall. She interjects into my conversations in a manner that is not polite or humorous. Instead she interjects with the purpose of telling me I'm wrong...well kind of.

Take any subject, it could even be a subject you're an expert in, and she will not only tell you you're wrong but she will also do it in a manner that is so defensive that I have to step back and remind myself that I: didn't ask for her opinion, do know the subject matter, and am not arguing with her.

The stupidest example was over weather! She told me I didn't know cold weather and that I would be cold this winter. Now, I know some of you don't know where I live but let me tell you that I moved from a place that is FAR COLDER THAN HERE IN THE WINTER! But she INSISTED that I didn't "know" cold weather. She didn't even give me time, nor ask, where I had lived prior to this city. It was stupid! But I was a little upset.

Why? Because we're in law school, a place where many people are coming from many backgrounds with a plethora of opinions. To interject and condescendingly tell someone else that they're wrong is just lame. She is lame.

When I approached her about her defensiveness, because there was more than one instance where she did this to me--with the last one utterly pissing me off, she told me that she can agree to disagree. I disagree that she can agree to disagree, because she was still defensive about it.

So, all in all I just have to laugh, shake my head, and remind myself that she is stupid for not taking the time to listen to someone's opinion and experiences. She is devoiding herself of learning. Just because I'm not a professor doesn't mean that I lack knowledge.


  1. Ms.Hart said...
    I FREAKIN hate people like that. You should just say, "Yes, you are always right" and walk away from her. I just write people like her off and I would ignore her silly ass.
    Tokyo Kiss said...
    LOL! Wow. I had a similar run in with a guy yesterday. Good that you confronted her about it.
    Kel said...
    Well, my confrontation has turned bad since she now avoids me. I wasn't trying to be harsh, just honest and I now fear that she'll hold it against me.

    I am so trying not to care! But it's hard work.

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