I get on the bus and sit down to start reading for class. Minutes later I'm tapped on the shoulder by a woman who gives me an ad for a beauty salon. It lists the prices of services. I place it on the seat next to me and go back to my reading. A minute later the ad is rudely swiped away from me by her boyfriend. She scoffs and wonders out loud why I wouldn't take the card. Then she starts getting pissy to the back of my head. She proclaims that I must have nasty feet, shame on me for not taking care of my feet, tells me how stupid I am for turning such great deals down, and points out other women who took the ad.

At this point I just wanted to reach my hand up to motion for the card back, but I didn't. Instead I kept reading which angered her more. She then went on a tirade in English and Spanish about how stupid I was and what a dumb bitch I was. I found this humorous since I could understand everything she was saying, it's not like Spanish is a foreign language to me.

They get off and the back of my head feels better. Next time I'll take the card and bombard her with questions regarding the services. Then I'll make an appointment only to cancel later on. Yes, it's rude. But it's also rude to try to peddle your services and then torment those who turn you down. And I didn't even turn her down. All I did was place the card on the seat next to me.


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