Today's Wishlist

Today I wished the following things would have happened:

  • my property prof not skip the long case that I meticulously briefed. May I suggest just removing it from the syllabus reading?
  • my legal writing and research prof to sit down with me and tell me like it is. I'm tired of his southern charm. I am not however tired of looking at dreamy....
  • my memo outline would have perfected itself instead of me looking at it with contempt
  • have the guy in front of me actually take notes instead of watching boxing You Tube videos during the entire class.
  • my kitchen visited by cleaning gnomes,
  • my dinner prepared by Bobby Flay, and
  • my insanity restored to pre-law school levels.
Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday and that I have exciting plans for the weekend...

Anyone noticing how fast time flies by when you're in law school?


  1. Ms.Hart said...
    This really is going to change us...It's kind of scary. I've already changed. At least you have some eye candy. I have a gay research teacher who resembles PeeWee Herman, wears a bow tie and all, and has a really bad nervous twitch...........blah.
    Anonymous said...
    Yes. Three weeks have already passed. wtf.

    I just got my first big memo assignment, and haven't started that one yet. Good luck!!

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