The Others

One of the things about law school I'm not enjoying is how there is this "other" section. Who are they? Are they friendly? Do they have gunners and unfriendlies like my section? When do I get to meet them?

So far I haven't seen much intermixing of the two groups. In fact I think the administration is pitting us against each other...

However I was told by the only "other" I know that all the hot chicks are in my section.

Thanks...I think?


  1. Amanda said...
    I've been experiencing the exact same thing! It's been about three weeks and I'm starting to meet people from the "other" sections...but very slowly. Next year will be interesting when we're all mixed up again and don't know each other!
    Anonymous said...
    We have sections A-E.

    So mulitple sections of others.

    Although we have combined classes with two. And yes, there is a hot girl section in my school too.

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