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Dear Classmates,

Hi there. To those of you who are my new found friends, thanks. It's been nice to laugh with you thus far. But this post isn't for those of you who have been friendly, it's for the rest of the group.

Some of you may have noticed that I know and use your names even though we haven't met. Why? Because I'm friendly and we use name cards in every class so it's been super easy to know it. Yeah, imagine that! You see, I'm here to dispel the notion that you can go through law school without talking to your classmates.

So here is some advice. If I or someone else comes up to you and says "Hi, how are you?" try responding back. If I ask how your weekend was then respond. Say something! Say anything, just don't stand there all quiet and blank! Do you realize how hard and awkward it is to try and have a conversation with someone who clearly doesn't want to? Furthermore, do you realize that you're responding to me in a very not-so-professional way and we happen to be in a professional program!! Develop those skillz!

Also, if there is one bench outside of our classroom try not to hog it! If I politely ask if I may sit there don't scoff. I'm in every one of your classes and something as small as asking to sit is a ridiculous reason for getting annoyed. Especially this soon in the semester.

We will soon be starting week two so I'd like to remind all you Debbie Downers out there that pessimistic commentary regarding our orientation is no longer acceptable. MOVE ON! I also don't care to hear about your parking woes since I don't drive!

One last thing, I, unlike some of you, have a sense of humor. Maybe it comes with my refined age. Or it could come from the fact that I like to be relaxed and enjoy life. Who knows, it doesn't matter. Just try to understand that if I feel too much tension in the air I feel obliged to relax the mood. It's not a sign of stupidity, but if you'd like to think that way then by all means please do. I'd rather surround myself with laughter and enjoy studying law. I don't want to come out of this place and learn how dull I really am.

I hope you enjoyed your Labor Day weekend. I hope you didn't study all weekend. I hope this week y'all relax a tinsy bit.




  1. Attractive Nuisance said...
    Wish you were in my class.
    Anonymous said...
    This makes me scared to really get to know some of my classmates. It all starts tomorrow for me!
    Kel said...
    If I can do it then you can to Delicious Torts!

    Frankie says "Relax, don't do it..."

    Find a song and own it for the week. if not use my Break my stride!
    Strange Bird said...
    Really? They don't even respond? Cliques developed pretty early my first year, but everyone in my section, whether we became friends or not, said hi to each other all the time. I can't imagine not being at least that friendly.
    Kel said...
    Strange Bird:

    Yes, really. They look at me like I'm some freak. It's a clear sign that I haven't made their "people I'd like to associate myself with" cut.
    Lawful Lady said...
    I have been reading many blogs about the asshats in law school. Funny. I try to also be nice. Nice law students of the world unite!

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