• who the gunners are. One of whom thinks I'm their friend. I don't have the heart to be rude but this guy drives me bezerk! However I love how my profs have totally figured out that he has no point in his comments and mention it.
  • my classmates are essentially done introducing themselves. HELLO! I don't know about you but if you ain't so open now I doubt I'm gonna wanna study or help you in any way later on.
  • I will never EVER go back to a backpack! Rolly bags RULE! Sorry D, couldn't break the binding on my books since I'm thinking I'll try to resell them later. And my back loves me again!
  • The 2Ls and 3Ls don't talk to 1Ls and it sucks. Why? Why is it so essential to avoid us?! Isn't this what "Bar Review" is about?


  1. Tokyo Kiss said...
    About your second point, I'm disappointed that in the first week of class little groups have already formed. I've met some people that I talk to but unfortunately I didn't get into one of those groups, so now I'm a little lost as to how to get to know more people. I've been butting into conversations or assisting people in my section who don't even know me if it's something I can help with, but I don't want to be seen as a know-it-all or overly eager jerk. I don't know.

    And way to go on the rolly bag! Only one person in my section uses one, but her boyfriend ends up carrying it for her anyway so . . .?
    Attractive Nuisance said...
    I hear you! The dumb gunner thinks I'm his girlfriend or something and I can't seem to shake him. I'm gonna have to start getting mean if I want to meet some other people because I'm sure they don't want to be associated with him either!
    Pickled. said...
    Ok, the "gunners" usually end up in the bottom of class. And no need to befriend them, they usually bite.

    And, I am offering this insight only because I am a 2L...you are probably being made fun of for your rolly bag. I suggest getting a big tote bag or two tote bags to carry your books in or a locker. I know, I know...but law school is just like high school.

    Enjoy the first six weeks of panic. After that, you'll understand what law school really is all about. ;)
    Kel said...

    Thank you for your concern regarding my image in law school. I don't think I'll have too much of a problem with my rolly bag since there are about 15 others in my section that use them alone.

    They can laugh all they want! I have to live with my back, not them!
    New Kid on the Hallway said...
    I just broke down and bought a rolly bag (and yes, I have a locker, but I also have to trek back and forth to the bus). I am in a school full of really fit, healthy, athletic people, and I've only seen 3 other rolly bags so far, but my shoulder is aching so much already that I broke down (I don't think cutting the books would help with all the crap I have). I figure, I already stick out because I'm not fit and athletic, and I'm 10-15 years older than almost everyone else, so I might as well stick out all the way. (And I really hate wearing backpacks.)
    Kel said...
    New Kid: Your back wants me to tell you how much it loves you! ADORES YOU!
    Anna said...
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
    New Kid on the Hallway said...

    (And I didn't mean to suggest that people who use the rolly bags aren't fit and athletic... it's just I go to school with people who all probably climb mountains with 40-lb packs on their backs!)

    (Can you delete the previous half-finished comment? I hit the wrong button... )
    Kel said...
    Yes, done!

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