I'll readily admit that I'm a judgmental person. I think we all are to a certain extent. What I'm not is one of those people who look down at others because of their class or occupational standing. I know what it's like to grow up blue collar and poor.

Without revealing too much I used to do specialized blue collar work and still fill in when needed. I was trained by the best man in town whose clients include the rich, famous, and powerful. A couple of months ago he called me to work on a very important project. I jumped at the chance because it was so important and I felt honored to work on it. While working a college dude came in with my boss's partner. College dude was sportin' his team so I asked him about school. In a cocky manner he boasted about finishing up his architecture degree and was studying for the LSAT. I kept my mouth shut and kept working. It was clear by his attitude and manner that he thought himself well above me. To my surprise my boss was listening and mentioned that I was going to law school. In a very lazy, non-interested manner he asked where I was going and I told him. Boy did his attitude change toward me once I told him. Yeah, buddy people who work hard get into law school too. Just because I'm doing manual labor doesn't mean that I'm uneducated. He is exactly the kind of person I despise.

I try to treat everyone I come across the way I would want to be treated. This might be due to the many horrid customer service stories I have and the goal to not relive them. So imagine my surprise when I ran into college dude yesterday and learned that his day job is as a lifeguard. I couldn't stop laughing to myself. The nerve of him to judge my work and treat me like a low-life when his summer intern/extern opportunities must've not panned out so well and is most likely working as the oldest lifeguard at the pool. An ego can only take you so far dude. The sad thing is I bet there will be plenty of these jerks come law school.


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