Yes, have you heard of it? It's my version of a Catholic school teacher for law school. It is an add-on for Mozilla that locks you out of websites for periods of time. I first heard of it over at Law and Letters.

Since I installed it I've been able to crack down on web shopping (the 100 day challenge helps), celebrity gossip, and surfing the net. This week I plan on adding even more websites, e-mail, and my feed reader. I know myself well enough to know that the internet is my number one enemy when it comes to procrastination. What I like about Leechblock is that when it's on I can rig it so I can't touch those sites, not even for "emergency" sale situations. This means that if I want to browse Nordstrom online I have to wait until Sunday morning between 8-12 to do so.

This means I can discipline myself during class...maybe. Now if they could lock me out of solitaire...


  1. Anonymous said...
    I find peer pressure works better. Just sit where people can see your screen...THAT tends to be extremely effective because if you're goofing off too much you know the people behind you are whispering about the bottom of the curve forming!
    Tokyo Kiss said...
    Nice find. I just added it to my browser as well. Now the trick is actually remembering to use it.
    Anonymous said...
    Oh my! I had not heard of this. This just might save me a lot of internal struggle. If I can block the immigration forum during class... wow, I mean, that would just be of great assistance. :)

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