Don't worry. This won't be anything like Stephany's letter although I'm sure some of you will act in a similar way. ( be a pessimist!)

We finally get to meet today and unlike some of you I'm nervous as hell. I wonder what you'll be like and where you come from. Your life experiences, your sense of humor, among other things. I hope some of you will be ultra-friendly and not interested in talking about first assignments or law school all the time. I hear there will be plenty of that later.

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  1. Brooklyn said...
    these are the people we will spend the majority of our time with for the next 3 years....Im nervous too! Wish you luck.
    Kel said...
    It's good to know I'm not alone!
    Lawful Lady said...
    I start class next Monday and am nervous too. You are definitely not alone. And the people who act all cocky and arrogant are nervous too. They are just asshats who wouldn't openly admit it. Good luck!
    Kel said...
    Good luck to you too lawful lady!

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