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For those of you who haven't purchased your law textbooks you might want to check out this suggestion from Res Ipsa. I'm making a mental note to use it next semester. It was interesting to see that they think purchasing from Half.com and then re-selling on Amazon was the way to go. I've never had much luck with Half.com.

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  1. Silly Little Law Student said...
    I only use half.com for my text books after the book store kept gouging me. Rarely have I had a problem getting books.

    If the book I need is a new edition and not available on half, then I just go straight to the publisher. West is the publisher for a lot of textbooks (westacademic.com).

    I avoid the bookstore like the plague b/c if you try and resell your stuff there, they may try and screw you by offering a $12 buyback price a book you spent $125 on.

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