An added jitter

I picked J up from the airport and we went out for lunch where we ran into Mr. So-and-So. Remember him? Yeah, awkward since we haven't seen or spoke to them since that evening. But guess what?! He'll be at the wedding tomorrow too! SUPER!!

Now I truly have to keep my mouth shut because there is still a part of me that wants to say, neener, neener douchebag! I got into that school you said I'd NEVER get into!

So now, in addition to chanting "Thou shalt not admit your anxiety over this wedding" I have to say "and thou shalt be the bigger person toward douchebag."

I'd bet against me but then I'll have my Jake Ryan rival there. Three beers and she'll take care of everything for me. And if she does I'll let her have Jake for the night.


  1. Anonymous said...
    You haven't even mentioned the other reason you're worried. Not that you would though since it would reveal alot about you.

    And THAT reason has already been driving you crazy!

    Go listen to Gnarls for awhile.
    Anonymous said...
    "and thou shalt be the bigger person toward douchebag." is a good life-policy. :)

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