Break My Stride

Tomorrow is my first day of law school. I have no clue what to expect. I am so overwhelmed with the work load, already have my first writing assignment and am still trying to understand efficient briefing.

I feel behind already. I feel like I should already have a study group which is dumb. Why? Because I want an awesome study group. THE BEST, EFFICIENT, CHALLENGING kind of group. And you can't necessarily form one when you don't know your classmates or what kind of students they are. I don't just want any old group, I want one that will work for me.

Moving on, the following will be tomorrow's mantra. There are days where I wish I too could be a Solid Gold Dancer, but for now I'll have to settle for a measly law student until Solid Gold makes a glorious comeback. (And it WILL!)

(For those haters of Solid Gold you may choose the Kids Incorporated version which is just as badass.)


  1. Shake sense into me said...
    i want an awesome study group too! go get 'em!
    Beanie said...
    And nothing ain't gonna break my stride...oh no.

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