Day one done

First day...finished like a pro. Now it's on to briefing, reading, briefing, then sleeping.

So far I've enjoyed my property and civ pro profs. I've met some wonderful ladies who have a wonderful sense of humor and understand everything that's going on. These books are killing me though... I honestly may have to throw in the towel and purchase a rolling bag.

I know what you're thinking...because I think it too. I'm becoming a douchebag. However I want you to know that I WILL be laughing Nelson style when your back is crippled over from carrying too many textbooks.


  1. Amanda said...
    Congrats on finishing your first day! You'd be amazed how fast briefing and reading cases starts to feel like second nature...I've noticed a huge uptick in my "speed" even after just a week.

    Good luck with the rest of the week!
    Anonymous said...
    Look into getting the books cut!

    Kinkos will cut the binding on your books and bind them into three or four smaller, more transportable books. This may save you from the rolling bag!
    Tokyo Kiss said...
    Hey, if you think a rolling bag will work for you, go for it! I'm going to do what a 3L suggested to me--do all of my work at school so I can leave my books in my locker. We'll see how it works out.
    New Kid on the Hallway said...
    I can't decide whether I'm going for the rolling bag (because on the one hand, dorky, but on the other hand, SHOPPING), getting the books cut (because I fear that too looks kind of dorky), or working at school (which doesn't always work for my commuting schedule). I fear indecision will mean I do nothing. But I understand your attraction to the rolling bag!

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