Ode to Garner

Last weekend I finally posted my LSAT prep books on Amazon. It took 24 hours to sell three books. CHA-CHING! Well, not exactly since I used the funds to purchase another type of law school prep books, namely those on legal research and writing. I'll admit it, I am terrified of writing. So I've made it one of my many goals for the summer to explore legal writing and hopefully become more comfortable with the idea of it. I purchased the following writing aides:

  • The Redbook: A Manual on Legal Style
  • The Elements of Legal Style
  • A Dictionary of Modern Legal Usage
All of which are authored by Bryan Garner. I don't know who this man is but I'm thinking his name is worshiped somewhere in the legal writing world, and likely has a fan club. I also realized that he is involved in Black's Law Dictionary (which I bought used now versus waiting later and paying a higher price). Mr. Garner also wrote my new favorite workbook: Legal Writing in Plain English: A Text with Exercises. He recommends doing the exercises with a group but all I have is The Janitor who has agreed to work through them with me. If anyone else out there wants to work through this book with us HOLLA BACK! I really like the format of this book and so far the exercises are good, however The Janitor has had to explain certain terms and I have had to use Black's already.

It may seem to some of you that I am over-prepping myself for the fall. (Or it may not and I am just blabbing to blawg.) I've been out of school for awhile and so I'm trying to retrain my brain for the classroom and homework experience. I'll also admit that I am intimidated by the rumor of how competitive law school is. I guess I just want to make sure I have no summer regrets come fall. Stay tuned for book reviews and a compiled summer reading list!


  1. Anonymous said...
    I'd be willing to work on Garner with you. Hopefully we can bounce ideas and writings off one another. Email me and we can coordinate a bit!

    Kel said...
    YES! The Janitor will be so happy that he won't have to do this! I'm excited!

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