So over at Feministe Jill asked what would you do if your law firm paid you $80,000 to not work for a year. The question's background can be found over at Law Ingenue for those of you who haven't heard of Skadden's offer to its associates.

So what would I do...

Well, several ideas come quickly to mind like:

  • getting and being pregnant in a low stress fashion,
  • traveling the world with only a backpack,
  • live in the country with a house full of dogs,
  • gather all my friends in far away places for one hell of a party,
  • live in Tokyo in spring,
  • find the best coffee shops and read good books in them,
  • take cooking lessons in Thailand and India,
  • have one hell of a spa day,
  • do all of the above with J.



  1. paragon2pieces said...
    The more I hear about these deferral policies, the more I wonder what I would do if offered one. I think I would pick #1 on your list!
    gudnuff said...
    I'm being paid more than that to keep a chair warm about 75% percent of the time. It's a nice gig if you can get it. So what do I do while I'm not doing much? Blog, baby, blog.
    Tokyo Kiss said...
    Pay loans, if we're being realistic. In a fantasy world, I'd be in Tokyo for the spring like you suggest.
    A said...
    All of the above. But really, I would apply it all to my student loans and make #1 much more doable. Otherwise that's quite a few years away.
    A said...
    I'd pay off most of my student loans. Then I wouldn't care if they let me back on or not once the year was over.
    NoReinsGirl said...
    Head to Scotland.
    Jansen said...
    I'd write a book and probably foster some dogs.

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