Three weeks left

There are three weeks left until finals. OMG!

Its time to bring out the hour by hour study schedule to keep me on task. Its time to pull together a study group that actually works. Its business time.

A week from now my brief and oral argument will be turned in and over. I can't wait for that moment. I am so sick of this issue, the practicing, the cases, the editing. Even though I've put more effort into legal writing this semester I can definitely say that I've slacked on the stupid busy work she gives us. Last week we had to practice our oral arguments in front of class. Instead of doing it, I half-assed it and probably looked stupid to my classmates, but I don't care.

You've got to pick your battles in law school. I've learned that no matter how much time I spend trying to stay caught up I'm always slightly behind. So this semester I picked legal writing to be behind in because in the end you learn how to write for your employer. Writing is subjective and I have faith in my writing skills. I don't need to stupid busy work to help me improve. Yes, it probably would have been great to have my oral argument prepared but I have a whole week to do that. I have 13 other credits to worry about lady! A third of which is contracts. So bite me.

Very soon my life will consist of practice questions, outlining, flashcards and audio supplements. Oh how I wish the Easter bunny would bring me more time.

The Easter Bunny did bring me tickets to see Flight of the Conchords though. So perhaps my life isn't all that bad. Or maybe I just need more Business Time?


  1. KG said...
    Keep on going K. You can do this! Happy Easter btw =)
    K said...
    Thanks KG! Happy Easter to you too.
    NoReinsGirl said...
    Keep pushing...the end is in sight and you are doing wonderfully!

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