Well, it has been a year since I started this little blog. I think it has been a good year, a good long year. For all you future 1Ls out there time really does fly when you're in law school. You also realize how essential time is. For example, when before I never cared much about how productive my day was, now I look at ways I can be slightly more productive. I even have friends who plan their days out 30mins at a time. It's a strange world, one that takes some adjusting.

I still recognize that as a woman I have to work slightly harder to be taken more seriously. Maybe it's just the city I live in. The other day I was told that I should pull my hair back when in front of a judge because somehow women who have short hair or hair pulled up come across as more professional. I was also informed that there are still judges out there who won't address a woman unless she is wearing a dress suit. No shit?!

The next two weeks will be hell. I'm trying a new study approach for these finals, with a new focused study partner. For those loyal readers out there you'll know her as "Nosy Nancy". While we'll drive each other nuts until finals are over, we each know the kind of work we want to put in. And we're at the same level in terms of how well we understand things.

I'm in for a ride. Let's just hope it's a good one!

Thanks to all of you who've commented over the past year! Here is to another fine year!


  1. Anonymous said...
    Happy Blogoversary! The year really has flown by...
    Anonymous said...
    I'm so curious...what's your new study strategy?

    -faithful reader from U of I Law
    Jansen said...
    I definitely do the 30 min bit!
    gudnuff said...
    Congratulations on having a whole year of blogging under your belt! That's kinda cool. And good luck with Nosy Nancy. Sending you smart vibes. And no-drama vibes.
    K said...
    Thanks everyone!

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