One of my friends recently graduated from law school. Here is her advice to future law students. I met her her first year and watched her go through law school. I've listened to her rants, know of the negative egos she speaks of, and can only hope that I am as successful in following her advice. I know that I don't want to be one of those pessimistic, negative law students. I know I want to surround myself with friends, not foes. I know that for the first year she kept her distance, stayed away from the bar-scene, and stayed on task. She graduated in the top of her class, on Law Review, and has a great job. I'm very proud of her and lucky to have a friend and mentor for the future.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Seems like solid advice.

    I'm really eager to make the law review. I keep hearing that it's essential to landing the internship that lands the job.

    So I will not have a life my first semester. ;)
    Kel said...
    Hey neither will I!

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