Shells was talking about her adventures while her boyfriend is abroad and then studying for the bar. I'm pretty much in the same boat. The Janitor started on Monday and from 6:30pm on I pretend he's not here. I should be using the time to some Garner exercises or summer reading but I haven't. Instead I've been updating my Facebook profile. Why? Because I had not done it in three years and I had several friend requests. Lame, I know...

It's here that I should note that I am not fond of social networking sites. However my opinion is starting to change since I will be moving and it seems to be a good one stop check in on friends and life updates. In fact I've reconnected with some friends I didn't even know lived in the same city as me. I've also been shopping, watching movies, and cleaning house. The next book on my summer reading list is The Nature of the Judicial Process by Cardozo. At this rate it may not make it off the list as I cannot get into it. I'm not going to read something I can't get into or grasp by page 20. I'll work on it though...if anything to get the practice of reading something I really don't want to read.


  1. Shells said...
    How's your life as the partner of a bar studier progressing? I'm trying my best to be patient with B, hoping he will do the same when I'm in his shoes in three years.

    Oh, and I just updated my Facebook profile too - Grad Student Class of 2011, JD, Law! Yay!
    Kel said...
    I'm sure that I don't have to tell you how much it sucks to have a partner studying for the bar. It makes me question my own discipline for when that time will come.

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