A New Challenge?

School is out which means I'm on to new odds and ends jobs this summer before I begin law school. One is as a math tutor. On Friday we headed over to the home where I'll tutor for a fine feast of food, friends and fun. The house is stunning. The yard is fabulous and the homemade sangria was heavenly.
I've known this family for the past year and they have been absolutely wonderful to me. So when they asked if I would tutor their daughter I had no reservations. I had been told that Mr. S is a wine connoisseur and Mrs. S an excellent chef. I was and am excited to spend two evenings each week with them.

However a new challenge presented itself to me.

Mr. S was telling us wine stories and I briefly mentioned that I grew up in wine country. I told him about my aversion toward some wines due to a childhood of drinking diluted wine since we couldn't afford juice. Yep. My mother would dilute the wine we received from the wineries we sold our grapes to and serve it for dinner. My parents really don't drink and in the 80's there was a lot of shitty wine. It worked well as a juice substitute and I'm positive us kids willingly went to sleep on our own.

So Mr. S presented me with a challenge; to learn to enjoy wine. Was he serious? Yes. I start my wine appreciation course tomorrow with a man who knows way too much about wine. It will be interesting to see if I can tutor while wine-ing. I still can't believe they're going to pay me to do this.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Sounds like a sweet gig to me! LOL
    Kel said...
    I actually started on Monday. I enjoyed a salmon dinner with a wonderful white Burgundy wine. I'm still in lala land over this gig.

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