We are currently visiting the metropolis which includes my law school. Our goal is to find housing in six days that will allow two beefcake dogs AND is within an hour bus ride of school. The latter is proving to be harder than we anticipated. The city is large, like a million large, which will be a huge change from the university towns I've lived in. Actually, the idea of living in such a large city is intimidating, however law school grads have informed me that I will rarely step into the citylife and instead stay close to the library for the next three years.
Tomorrow I am actually visiting my school for the first time. I didn't have the money to travel and visit law schools when I applied. There is only one law school in a 300 mile radius and I knew enough about it to not have to visit. I'm hoping that my gut feeling, you know-that feeling you get when something just feels right or wrong, tells me THIS is the school for you! I'll fill you in on my gut reaction later...


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