Well, I finally toured my law school. I've described it to others as an "eh" experience because the Director of Admissions did not know how to "sell" his school. Imagine Ben Stein's character in Ferris Bueller's Day Off showing you around. "Here is a large classroom. Here is a small classroom. Here are the faculty offices. Here is the library." WOW! How NOT exciting. Overall it was a good experience and I was also able to quickly orient myself to the campus layout. We were also able to meet with the Dean who recommended that I do absolutely nothing in terms of prep work, but told me a summer reading list was sent out last week. I just laughed at the suggestion. "Do nothing, but here's a list of reading if you're truly bored."

In other news, we were able to find a house the first day in town! HOORAY! We signed the lease today, even though we won't be moving until August. I thought a July to June lease would look better on my residency application than August to July. It also ensures that I can get all the other items off the residency check-list prior to classes starting. So yeah, the beefcake dogs will be excited about their new digs, although smaller than the current house. It's also super close to the bus, with only an hour ride. I know, I know--a long ride but I'm not yet willing to purchase a second car knowing I'll be living off of loans and scholarships for the next three years.

Now I can truly relax a little...


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