This is the second book in this mentoring series that I've read and it was much easier to stay involved than Letters to a Young Mathematician. While searching for a book photo I came across a review claiming this to be Dershowitz's memoir. Its not and I think he would laugh at the notion that someone felt it was.

While I am not yet a lawyer, I do live with one. I greatly enjoyed the thoughts that were aroused by the letters and the subsequent conversations that The Janitor and I had. I would say that this book is more an introduction to criminal justice theory and advice to those going into criminal law than a mentoring series encompassing law. What I also enjoyed was that many of the letters were universal--don't lie, don't cheat, be a good person, etc. It's pretty easy to agree with what he is saying when it's about being a good person.

I don't think you can read anything by Dershowitz without having it be political. I was able to walk away learning tidbits of news, political relationships and gossip that I found interesting enough to consider reading anything by him again, and I intend to this summer. I think I'll plan on re-reading this during law school. I would label it one of those books to re-read every now and then since it discusses character and character development.


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