Several of the recommended pre-law school reading lists included this book. So I bought it and today learned that I could have read it on Google Books for free, rats!

I did some background research on Bastiat and his beliefs before reading this. I found that it helped me understand what I was reading and where he was coming from with some of his ideas. The short book discusses what law means and why it is important. Bastiat was an anti-socialist writing in the 19th century. He clearly states his position against socialism and how the law acts, or is transformed under socialism (and eventually deteriorates into communism). He viewed the U.S. as a good example of a country where the law, as an idea and structure, was being utilized well. I can see this being used as a starting point for a discussion on the role of law within societies. I would say that this is an interesting philosophical read. I also found it easy to read through once I understood the context in which the book was written.


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