So I was reading about Law School Discussion over at Terra Nullius the other day and decided to make my way over there this evening. I have to admit that I feel silly. Well, I don't know if "silly" is the right word but it will do for the time being. I haven't spent a lot of time over at LSD mainly because I know that the threads will: 1) piss me off, 2) cause me to waste time and most importantly 3) lead me to believe I'm behind in the game I'm supposedly playing. Yes, I learned it was a game and so far I'm a bazillion points behind with no extra lives. I thought I was headed down a bread and butter career path, not into an all out hulk out roller derby competition.
What peeved me was the conversation on what I should be doing RIGHT NOW to ensure I have a top notch internship A YEAR FROM NOW! Maybe I don't get it or maybe my blond is showing but how am I supposed to be vying for internships when law school HASN'T EVEN STARTED? In my opinion there is a difference between networking and trying to arrange summer employment, with one of the differences alone being tact. I reserve the right to network, to politely and professionally put my presence out there, however I believe sending out "Hello, I'm the 1L you'll want come May" sends the wrong message. If I were a legal secretary I would laugh at these folks and most likely have a brown nosin' file if only to amuse myself. Where is the tact in that?
I think I'll follow other LSD advice and meticulously organize my hamster's sock drawer. That, and rick roll my closest friends of course.


  1. Anonymous said...
    I think what makes some of the LSD kids seem tacky is the intent of their networking.

    Networking does work: I kept contact with admissions reps for my undergrad school and had a job waiting for me when I got to college. Another contact at my undergrad pulled strings and landed me a scholarship for housing as well.

    But I didn't know any of this was going to happen when I began the networking/relationship with these admissions reps.

    Networking becomes sleazy when you're only making contacts because you want something from them (as opposed to a genuine desire to keep in contact.)

    But what kind of kids actually SAY these things on discussion boards? Half the LSD derby is probably shit talk.

    Oh, and you never know about the law school kids reading your blog. I've already been facebooked by a future UMN one L who said she found my blog! lol
    Anonymous said...
    I agree with you - these kids seem like vultures or something the way they talk. I'm sure it has to be painfully obvious to current attorneys who are "courted".
    Kel said...
    no634: I agree, networking can be awesome if it's done in a kind, well-meaning manner. When it's not it just appears fake.

    LOL about the facebook thing! How odd.

    Lis-Yes, vultures! Class hasn't even started!

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