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Well, I received my final grade on my first memo. I should be very happy with myself however the grade is just confusing. Let's say I got a K+ on the first draft and the same for the final. While I should be happy I feel like I didn't improve because I have the same grade.

In other realms of my legal life, I had a breakdown with my legal writing professor today. Our final memo is due next week and it seems like everyone around me has their drafts nearly done. I am far, far from that reality. In fact, I have a skeleton memo and I can't even make a Halloween reference.

The pressure is really starting to hit me. I don't think I've ever had to juggle so many things at once. And they ain't easy tasks! Yesterday I went to bed a 9pm because I was just done. Kaput! Finito! And I felt guilty that I couldn't even review my measly little outlines.

I'm also trying to reconcile a "friendship" here in law school land. And I think this is a big reason why I've felt so drained. I'll save that one for another time... maybe I'll IRAC it for ya!


  1. Kel said...
    can I comment?
    paragon2pieces said...
    were the memos graded on a curve? it could have been the case that you improved your memo, but most ppl in the class also improved their memos resulting in a curve shift and the same final grade for you.

    anyhow, try not feel too overwhelmed. make a study schedule and stick to it. this is the most overwhelming time of year. it gets better.

    good luck on that final memo!
    New Kid on the Hallway said...
    Hmmm, now it's letting me comment...? Weird!

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