Some of you may have noticed my disappearance from the blogosphere in the last week. Well, there is plenty to say about that, but not enough time to devote to it.

In a nutshell:

My computer died Wednesday November 19th. As I didn't backup my notes as frequently as I should have, and the only copy of my memo was on my laptop I went straight into banshee mode. Nothing was recoverable and I'm grateful that I chose to take notes by hand in the majority of my classes. So, I ran around like a chicken without its head and managed to turn in a crappy second memo and am now working on my outlines for finals. J, the wonderful boyfriend that he is, bought me another laptop since we were skeptical that a new hard drive would arrive soon enough for me to take exams. So the lesson to be learned is to sign up for either Mozy or regularly back up all notes! Go! Do it now!

Ok. So now I'm in finals mode and staying away from law school as much as possible! More to come but for now I've got to transfer my notes, set up Exam Soft, and get back to practice exams and outlines. I'm beat already and finals haven't even begun.


  1. Amanda said...
    I had a nightmare last night that my laptop blew up and not only did I have to study for finals only by reading Understanding Contracts but I also had to handwrite my exams...I'm glad you were able to reconstruct things. Good luck with finals!
    Shake sense into me said...
    Uh yeah, same problem here. New hard drive, THANKFUL that I had handwritten notes, and ... lesson: BACK UP YOUR STUFF.

    Lesson Learned.
    Laughing said...
    NIGHTMARE. I'm soooo sorry that this happened to you! I'll be sure to send some good no-more-technical-difficulties vibes your way in the next couple of weeks!
    Lawful Lady said...
    Aww! That sucks. Way to keep your chin up though. Best of luck in your finals!
    RosyGirl said...
    Kel, I really enjoy reading about your craziness! It sounds like a combination of sarcasm, tragedy and just plain exhaustion. (aren't I looking forward to law school! LOL)

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