Butterflyfish once commented that it looks like I'm taking this whole law school thing seriously. Here is where I disappoint her.

With exams only 33 days away I decided to pick up the Twilight series. You know, the teenage vampire romance series everyone is talking about? Let me say that again, the teenage vampire romance series.

At first I was quite embarrassed to admit that I was reading these books. I mean, I'm not in high school, or undergraduate, and I'm over the age of 25. There is a part of me that doesn't even considered this literature. When you can buy the book at Walmart you know something is wrong. Now I laugh because this series has got to be one of the best reads for a law student taking property, torts, and criminal law.

Seriously, they are worth reading. Especially if you lack a life due to constant studying and have driven all your friends away with your legalese.

Reasons why YOU as a law student should start reading about teenage vampires:

  • ISSUE SPOTTING--you would be amazed at how many torts are embedded within the story. And they're not just intentional torts because Bella, the main character, finds her way into many negligent situations as well. Granted a vampire will almost always have intent but what type of intent is it really?
  • Distinguishing between murder and voluntary manslaughter. It takes the whole "heat of passion" to a new level. Was the vampire hungry and thus intended to kill? Or was it "heat of passion?"
  • For property, I found an equitable servitude and of course trespass and abandoned property.
  • Thinking of taking Indian Law? One of my best lawyer friends wondered if she should ask her professor about jurisdiction if the Indian morphs into a werewolf like the Quileute members do.
  • Mediation opportunities galore! Vampires and werewolves aren't exactly fond of each other and when you put them in the same town there is bound to be conflict.

Trust me, the issue spotting alone has made this read so much more enjoyable! Now if I could only find time to finish the last book...


  1. Anonymous said...
    I'm not certain that issue spotting makes this more enjoyable...for the same reason I do not tell people that the Wizard of Oz is about the gold standard.

    Kel said...
    You're just jealous that I'm able to turn a teenage vampire book into an issue spotting game.

    I thought it was the Silver standard? Weren't they originally silver slippers?
    Twilight-loving Lawyer said...
    J. just brought back memories from my U.S. History class from high school--my teacher was obsessed with the Wizard of Oz and the gold standard. Of course, he was also obsessed with watching the movie to Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon."
    Amanda said...
    hehe - this made me laugh! Issues issues everywhere. We got into a debate about whether happy hour seating restrictions that weren't written on the menu were a change of terms in a contract tonight...we're so sad. Eating out with 8 law students is dangerous!
    I've never read these books...but they keep getting recommended to me. Perhaps some winter break reading. And yes, the shoes were originally silver (at least, that's what I recall!).
    delicioustorts said...
    Ha! This is awesome! I don't think I'll ever read fiction the same way again. I don't know about Twilight though - maybe over winter break? :)
    Laughing said...
    Eeee nerdy and cute. You deserve a break for ridiculous reading.
    Tokyo Kiss said...
    Law students should read those books because they're hilariously bad and I think we could all use some good laughs right about now. :) I couldn't even make it through the last book.
    fishingaround said...
    The first book Twilight got me hooked.

    Seriously, there's just something about young first love and vampires. Snort.

    Have a great day!!!

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