I have finals. Imagine that!

So here is my blogging agenda:

  • Had to update the template and lost links. I'm working on getting them all up but if you would like a shout-out link holla at me in the comments.
  • Had my first final yesterday, will blog later today.
  • Still playing catch up with "lawyerly" events that took place while the laptop died. So if you see odd posts, this is why.
  • Desperately searching for ways to focus on exams, any tips?
  • Have I mentioned my hatred toward certain fellow classmates yet?
  • Updating you on my bird-roommate situation.
  • A whole post on why mantras going into exams seems like a good thing.
Good luck to all of you on exams!!


  1. Amanda said...
    Good luck to you as well! We have our first exam Saturday...I'm just basically looking forward to getting the ball rolling. I don't like too much lead time.
    Your mention of hating certain classmates reminds me to finish up an ode to our gunner...
    Tokyo Kiss said...
    Wow, your finals have already started! My first one isn't until next Friday, but I wish they were a little earlier. Good luck!

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