There are perks to Facebook, one of which is finding friends you haven't seen in ten years and catching up on old times. My friend Ryan came into town over the weekend and I don't think we've seen each other for ten years, or in other words the last time he crashed on my dorm room floor because he had no other place to go. So we hung out, and then we hung out some more as his flight to Seattle was canceled and will probably still be canceled.

Being the man that he is he had me escort him to the mall last night where we went on a mission to find a quesadilla maker for his step-mom. I think it was the whole searching for jewelry that required a woman's company. Well, and the ride to the mall. For the most part all we did was ask random people if they could direct us to the nearest store they thought would have a quesadilla maker. We asked security guards, street vendors, drunks wandering around, other shoppers and children.

And VOILA! We found dear Nancy a quesadilla maker for Christmas! Now let's hope it's the right one!

So we were off the eat. We chose a nice upscale joint, the kind with tiny tables where you practically have dinner with the next table because you're so close. So that's what we did, well, that's what I did. I just feel awkward sitting that close and not saying hello. So I struck up a conversation with some nice tourists. They thought I was nice, they thought Ryan was a professional Elvis impersonator, and we just didn't feel like correcting them. We even played along when their birthday dessert came and Ryan sang Happy Birthday Elvis style. When it came time to leave they finally asked Ryan what he does, as they knew I was a law student. He mumbled that he was a television producer to which they replied, "What?" So he spoke up a little louder and repeated himself. All of a sudden their entire approach toward him changed. So yeah, never judge a guy in a hooded sweatshirt and skater shoes as just an Elvis impersonator, because he just may produce shows for a channel you frequently watch.

And he knows how to make an event out of searching for a quesadilla maker.

I love old friends. I also love new ones too. Happy Holidays!


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