I have a problem with preachy people. You know, the type that always want to tell you what to do, how to save the world and what you're doing wrong. Now I'm all for respecting peoples' opinions and agreeing to disagree however others aren't so respectful.

In law school these people are the ones who are quick to tell you why you're wrong and how smart they are when it comes to politics and history, sometimes even life experiences. Most of my close friends know that I usually play a character, my "I'm just a dumb florist" when these individuals spout off. It's a joke to myself and others in the know since the truth is I'm actually well-educated, well-traveled, and opinionated. I seldom talk about myself and instead let my "I'm just a dumb florist" mode speak for itself because when it's used I find most people treat me in a condescending manner, only later to find out that I'm not so dumb.

Outside of law school, these people are usually what I'll call liberal hippies. The types who shop at co-ops, recycle, work at used book shops, and hang out in coffee shops. I should know as I am a recovering hippie, (still liberal though). These people drive me crazy because no matter what I do, it is never enough in their eyes. I recycle, but since I don't recycle straws I'm not doing my share to save the planet. I've got news for you, some plastics cannot be recycled! The co-ops and Whole Foods aren't always accessible for me which means I must be evil for not driving the extra miles to spend my dollars there. Oh! By the way, I recently drove for the first time in four months! And I drove a Prius, a good choice car. This means that I've walked, carpooled or rode the bus where I needed to go. But as I'm still relying on a gas powered vehicle I suppose this ain't enough to save the planet either. Other things include books, music and movies to watch to open and expand my mind. What? I'm not well-read enough for you already? Why do you care? Do you get a toaster if you convert me?

So here's my new response to these people. Stop judging and get a job! If you care about our planet, our society (regardless of how pessimistic you view it), then get a job and enter the real world. The one where people are struggling to make ends meet and have no choice but to shop at WalMart. A world where bus routes are inconvenient because time is money. One where the choice between working and staying home with your kids is a feminist issue. See how the church acts as a support network in good times and bad. Stepping outside of your small city block to see what the real world is like is not going to kill you.

Oh and stop telling people how irresponsible they are when they don't do their share to save the planet or educated themselves. You're just as irresponsible for living off student and family loans, and in thinking you can forever protect yourself from cruel societal pressures by staying in a book shop or college forever. Grow up. If you expect me to listen to your words then I expect you to do the same.

I'm tired of being judged. I'm off to Christmas shop in the hopes that my few dollars will at least contribute to someone keeping their job through the holiday season. Yeah, capitalism is a bitch but I happen to enjoy the idea of choice within a market.


  1. Amanda said...
    I've had a lot of these same thoughts since moving here. For all the times I'm accused of being judgmental based on my communities (I'm *gasp* a Republican and a Christian) and being "close-minded" - which is frustrating since people who shout this usually know nothing about me as a person - the harshest critics of others in my classes are the most liberal. I'm starting to think it's a law student thing - the need to prove to everyone around you that you're smarter than they are.
    I've made a lot of good friends here, but after this semester I understand how all those lawyer jokes get written.
    Anonymous said...
    Remember the real smart kids don't care about what others thing (and therefore aren't condescending.)

    I can't believe that straws are recyclable...
    Lawful Lady said...
    well i know you said you don't like preaching, but damn, preach it sister!
    Anonymous said...
    Great post and thoughts! I am liberal and care about all the causes, but the preaching irritates the shit out of me.

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