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I realized that it's impossible for me to feel completely prepared for an exam. It also seems so unnatural to completely switch gears after an exam and move on to the next subject. Dropping one subject after spending so much time on it and moving to the next is strange. I also found that the day after an exam I was pretty much useless. I joked that unbeknowst to me I was somehow attacked by zombies as I had no energy and could not focus at all. Make note--no focus still means you have to somehow focus, which translates into "not cool."

I now envy the fact that my best friend read romance novels throughout her law school days. I wish I could do the same. I suppose I could read romance novels now that exams are over but it wouldn't be the same. Maybe it was her zombie like moment?

Exams--eh. I hand wrote them this semester and I now realize that I could benefit from typing them next semester. It's not that I can't type, its moreso that I can't organize my thoughts well and type at the same time. I think its something that I'm going to try to work on over the break. Yes, I'm crazy. I'm going to continue to take torts exams over break so that I learn how to think through these crazy questions and exams.

After each exam some friends and I went out to eat and relaxed. We didn't talk about the exams, we didn't talk about the next exam, we just chillaxed. It was exactly what we needed and it's nice to know that when all things are said and done you've got friends to turn. More importantly, you've got friends who will understand you're too exhausted to talk. You have no idea how many waiters I thrilled by having them decide my entire meal, down to what I drank and what I had for dessert!

One thing I can't help but think about is my exam questions. I find myself still issue-spotting or rethinking my application of certain rules. Oh well, there's nothing I can do now. I just wish it wouldn't pop into my head at random points in the day. Our property professor said that the usual A only gets about 60% of the issues, so I guess I shouldn't feel too bad.

Exams completely drain you. I took the longest shower today and completely scrubbed myself. I haven't felt attractive in weeks. I haven't eaten as healthy as I should. And sleep is slowly coming back to me. I've got five weeks before I start the process over again and I'm going to hone in on being lazy. In other words, no, I don't plan on starting my early assignments any time soon.

I was trying to explain to my dad how draining exams are. He doesn't quite get it. But then again he did learn how to use a laptop today and now has e-mail. ("Why do I need e-mail when I'm surrounded by cows?") He asked me if I thought I did ok, to which I responded "meh." Then he asked me if I had talked about the exam with a classmate he met. I said no because just talking about the exam and how other people approached the questions can drive you insane. He still didn't see what the big deal was and looking back I can say that I didn't think talking about your exams would pose a problem. Oh how I was wrong! I had to politely ask others around me to not talk about the exam, I had to be rude at times, I had to stand my ground and not let others destroy my perfect post-exam bliss. I suppose I shouldn't call it bliss, however there was a zen-like calmness to being done with an exam.

Next semester, I hope to have similar thoughts on exams. I also hope that my civil procedure outline is done before the exam...but I'm not going to think about that now.


  1. Amanda said...
    I feel like I should just link to this post and say "ditto" :) It's really so important to have others around who respect your post-exam philosophy. That's not something I expected to be important, but it was so integral to my sanity in between tests.
    Congrats on being done! There's only three days and the rule against perpetuities in between me and absolute laziness. Enjoy your break!
    JD Maybe said...
    I wonder why some people like talking about exams and others (like myself) just cant do it. I have planned an escape route for after the test. I am going to literally run out of the room and leave school. like you said its inevitable that I rethink the question for weeks and all the issues I missed I do not need the help of other students to speed up that process by telling me shit I didnt see. Its torture why would anyone choose to do it?
    Kyle Hulten said...
    I agree - it's impossible to feel completely prepared. I've still got Contracts and Crim Law left Wednesday and Friday. Ugh.
    Shake sense into me said...
    i feel ya. I am done with exams...but they are still driving me crazy. I know I missed things. And I can't stop thinking about it. It is indeed draining and I actually am finding myself sad this week because I don't have a point to anything without exams looming.

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