First Exam

I had a criminal law exam yesterday.

It was hell. And I mean that in the wtf kind of hypothetical way. When I recapped the hypo to J he said, "WTF?" And I said, "yeah, tell me about it!"

I chose to hand write my exam for one major reason. There were only ten of us in the tiny room and we all weren't psychopaths. These nine people are good folk! We laughed, we wished each other luck, there was no psyching-me out moments, it was good clean fun. Whether they know it or not these classmates kept me calm and confident, something I desperately needed for my first exam. I heard the typers were vicious. I just laughed.

I went into the exam laughing, full of my cheesy Meg Ryan confidence. I just kept picturing Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail doing her little boxing bit when she was pysching herself up for her fight against Fox Books. That was me yesterday and will be me on Friday, and twice again next week. Our professor said to go in and treat the exam like a three hour art project. Well, I glittered, I bedazzeled, and I puffy painted the crap out of that mess. And I think I did ok. I think I need to spend more time analyzing the facts to the rule, but overall I was ok with the exam. I had plenty to discuss. And most importantly I walked out of that room with the biggest smile. Take that jerks! I'm gonna psych you out with sheer confidence! So go ahead and gawk because my puffy paint, glittered, bedazzelness should make you shake in your boots!


  1. Amanda said...
    This might be the absolute best exam taking metaphor I've ever heard. For my "artwork" I'm envisioning the scene in the Princess Diaries where they throw darts at balloons filled with paint - "aha, that balloon's personal jurisdiction. Take THAT 1404 transfer!"

    Congrats on "taking it to the mattresses!"
    paragon2pieces said...
    there is something to be said for picking the less crowded testing room (even if it means writing instead of typing). during my 1L CivPro final, we were all very cramped, which made it particularly annoying when the girl sitting next to me spilled her Diet Coke all over the both of us. ah, memories :)
    Anonymous said...
    Haaaa... I'm totally going to imagine glitter and puffy painting my Crim exam Tuesday. I'm glad things are going aight. :)
    Lawful Lady said...
    yay! almost the end of our first semester of law school. congrats! p.s. - i like your new layout.

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