When I was 7, 8, 9, and 10 I really don't remember much. I think it's because my parents divorced when I was 10 and for some strange reason I forgot a lot of what went on when they were married.

I grew up without tv so I read about every book in the library that I could. My favorite books during this age span were the Anne of Green Gables series. Imust have read those books several times. Life on a farm meant you had to use your imagination or get lost in a good book. When I wasn't reading my brother and I would try to lose my sister in the orchards. We also pretended we were squirrels a lot in our treehouse. Sometimes I would visit a friend down the road who lived on a dairy farm. We would climb the stacks of hay and stare at the clouds.

My mom told me that I made it to a spelling bee final when I was in the fourth grade. I lost on the word encyclopedia. Fourth grade was the last grade at my little school before I moved with my mom, brother and sister to a much bigger city. I was a little upset about this because in fifth grade they showed all the girls the menstration video (on old school reels) and I never got to see it. Oh well!


  1. Amanda said...
    I love this series! What a fun idea. Can I say that I'm STILL in love with Anne of Green Gables?? :) I read bits and pieces of them every so often...getting the box set of books for Christmas in third grade was one of my favorite gifts ever. I like a lot of Montgomery's other stuff too! I feel like reading her books helps my imagination...and since I'm so decidedly uncreative that's a good thing!

    Oh, and I'll shoot you an email soon with the web addy for my new digs! :)
    gudnuff said...
    I'm working backwards on your posts. Also love this idea. Wow, you rock. I made a point of renting Anne of Green Gables for Q to watch earlier this year. She LOVED the movies (we got two of them). So how stupid am I feeling right now that I haven't bothered to get her the books? Does she have to leave for college before I think of these things? Thanks, AGAIN, for a very good tip.

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