Like most people I made New Years resolutions that I, again like most people, will forget about in approximately three weeks.

  • Use time more wisely.
  • Tone my midsection through actual exercise (Gasp!)
  • Visit a place I've never been to before.
  • Read 30 books not related to classes.
  • Exercise my patience for others and their opinions.
  • Cut down on spending and learn to dress more frugal.
  • Get out and meet more people!
  • Learn to be civil toward J's relatives.
  • Be a better friend.
  • Keep a cleaner house.
  • See my nephew at least once.
  • Have a lot of fun and try to surround myself with laughter as much as possible.

Now, these are pretty reasonable. So J thought I should add some predicitions in there. As I am not qualified to make predictions regarding the economy, Nobel Prize winners, or elections I think I'll stick to small stuff.

I predict:

  • at least one man will offer me beer on my morning bus ride;
  • my brother will be incarcerated for the entire year;
  • the Carolina Panthers will be in the Super Bowl;
  • the Mets will make the playoffs;
  • we will still have economic woes come July;
  • I will procrastinate on my outlines again;
  • that Heath Ledger will not win any posthumous awards for The Dark Knight;
  • and that Jennifer Aniston will not be married or pregnant;
  • but Nicole Kidman will be working on baby 2 along with Christina Aguilera and Katie Holmes.
  • and that Justice Stevens will resign late in the year.

Do you agree? Disagree? Care?

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  1. Anonymous said...
    The Heath Ledger prediction is interesting - It was a good performance though!

    Two days ago a man got on the box with a 24 pack of beer...but in the afternoon... offering beer on the morning bus ride is a bit extreme.

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